For decades this tiny island has been the home of terrorism where its government conducts state terrorism.why state terrorism?because the Castro brothers have supported terrorist groups such as the PLO,Hezbollah,the Colombian FARC,the Colombian M-19.from their training camps in Havana,the Cuban authorities from  decades have tried to destabilized Central and South America,training guerrilla groups to seized Power by Force trying to undermine the growth of Democracy.Africa,Central America,South America and North America have been victims of the Cuban state Sponsor terrorism from guerrilla groups to Espionage activities against sovereign democratic nations.Castro has said that he was going to turn the Andes in another Sierra Maestra.

Since early 1959 The Cuban Government was investing in Guerrilla training.Democracies such as the former Venezuelan President Romulo Betancourt was attack by guerrillas created in Cuba and sponsored by its totalitarian government,In the Republic of Congo Che Guevara was conducting guerrilla operations with the mean of spreading the Cancer of communism to the African Continent,In a matter of Years,Ethiopia,Angola and Zaire were struggling with insurgency.Angola suffered one of the most cruel civil wars in which Cuba with the help of the now deceased Soviet Union supported the MPLA to help install a Marxist government,with the excuse of fighting the Racist South African Regime when in reality the Cuban Government was charging Agostino Neto in diamonts for the Cuban Help.